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13.10.2021   //   All News & Media

How infrared saunas can help you relieve depression?

Sunlighten infrared sauna in Melbourne

You may have heard about infrared sauna and its physical benefits, but what if I tell you that it can improve your mental health? Don’t believe me? Just look at this report, which suggests that using infrared saunas five to fifteen times per month results in better mental well-being compared to those using saunas less frequently.

While there are no concrete reasons why people feel so relaxed and refreshed after taking an infrared sauna session, there are some significant physical responses that explain the positive influence it has on mental health. Below, we have discussed the ways sunlighten infrared sauna can improve your mental health.

Infrared saunas result in a better mood

Infrared saunas are effective when it comes to improving the production and reception of norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin that are natural antidepressants present in our brain. Also, saunas are associated with a reduced level of cortisol, a chemical responsible for stress and tension. For people struggling with stress, anxiety and depression, saunas are a significant boon.

Infrared saunas help you sleep well

You know, how important sleep is for your mental health. With infrared saunas, you can overcome problems related to sleep, such as anxiety, bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Several studies have found that infrared sauna sessions can significantly lower the fatigue level in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, which can further improve sleep. The intensity and duration of headaches can also be minimised with the help of infrared light therapy.

Infrared saunas are good for pain relief

You may feel depressed when you chronically are suffering from pain. If you sit in an infrared sauna chamber, your brain will quickly release beta-endorphins that are pain-relieving compounds. In addition to that, saunas can also reduce inflammation in your body, helping you relieve joint pain, muscle strain or even fibromyalgia.

Saunas decrease the risk of dementia

Dementia is a major concern these days, especially for elderly people. It is a leading cause of death followed by cardiovascular diseases and cancer. However, it turns out that infrared saunas can be used to fight the risk of dementia. Many researchers tracked the health of several men in Finland and found that taking saunas each week had a significant drop in the chance of developing dementia than men who didn’t use saunas.

Infrared saunas boost the overall brain function

Whether it’s the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) or blood circulation, sauna sessions have a lot to do with your brain. These sessions repair your brain cells and increase the growth of new brain cells. Also, by improving the blood circulation throughout your body, sunlighten infrared sauna can boost overall mental alertness and task performance.

Final thoughts on infrared saunas and mental health

Infrared saunas help you improve your overall mental health and fight major problems like anxiety and depression. There are a number of convincing reasons and in-depth studies to explain the positive influence of saunas. All you need to do is believe and try it for yourself. Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and found it informative.

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