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27.07.2021   //   All News & Media

Infrared sauna for weight loss: Does it really work?

Infrared saunas in Moonee Ponds

Over the past few years, infrared saunas have become a hot trend in the health and wellness industry. Many people believe that saunas have helped them in detoxification, faster muscle recovery, pain relief and even weight loss. Sounds too good to be true, but how effective infrared saunas actually are? Do they really work? Here’s everything you need to know about infrared saunas.

What is an infrared sauna?

An infrared sauna uses infrared light to generate heat. It consists of some special heating elements that emit infrared light. When it penetrates your skin, your internal body temperature will increase, your body will sweat and your heart will pump more blood to your skin. Here, the main idea is to mimic the effects of exercise and obtain similar results.

How does it differ from traditional saunas?

When it comes to differentiating traditional saunas and infrared light therapy, the key difference is the way they generate heat. Infrared saunas use light waves to raise your body’s cardiovascular and lymphatic temperature. Whereas, traditional saunas use steam or hot air. So, there is no need to sit in a room where the ambient temperature is above 200 degrees Fahrenheit – that’s a significant edge infrared saunas have over traditional saunas.

What are the health benefits of infrared saunas?

It’s definitely possible that infrared saunas might make you feel healthier. According to a study, using infrared saunas help the neuromuscular system recover from maximal endurance performance. So, if you are feeling some sort of limp-inducing soreness, sitting in a sauna could help you can get back on track. Here are some more perks of having infrared light therapy in Melbourne.

Feel more relaxed and less stressed

Both mental stress and bodyweight go hand-in-hand. Since saunas can help you lose weight, you will feel better knowing that your bodyweight is maintained. Also, infrared saunas can reduce levels of anxiety in those people who are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Detoxification from harmful toxins

An array of manmade chemicals and heavy metals get lodged in your fat cells over time. You can release them through fat-burning techniques like infrared saunas. Many health experts suggest that infrared saunas can detox your body by making it sweat more.

Improved cardiovascular conditions 

Saunas can be good for your heart – that’s what some studies suggest. By taking a few regular sessions in saunas, you can actually improve your blood circulation, lower your blood pressure, enhance vascular function and even minimise the chances of congestive heart failure.‌

Better skin complexion

Although there’s no significant evidence that proves infrared saunas can directly clear your skin, many people believe that infrared saunas helped them improve their skin complexion and reduce wrinkles. It is the heavy sweating induced by infrared saunas, which creates a cleansing effect on skin pores and glands, helping you flush out toxins and impurities.

Relief from pain

Another benefit of infrared saunas is that they may ease joint pain and stiffness. Some people find saunas effective when it comes to dealing with the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Also, saunas might help with tension headaches in some cases. The effects could be minor but promising in the long-term. ‌

Who should avoid using infrared saunas?

For regular sauna users, there are no risks that come with infrared light therapy. Make sure you drink plenty of water after using it, as it increases body temperature and could result in dehydration.‌ However, if you are unable to tolerate the high temperature, you can avoid having the therapy. Also, if you are going to conceive a child, you can skip the sauna.

Concluding remarks on infrared light therapy in Melbourne

Maintaining a healthy weight is important to everyone. That’s no secret, but many people find it difficult to keep up with their busy routine. They aren’t able to manage time for exercising and sweating. And if you are not exercising enough to maintain your core temperature, you might need something else like infrared light treatment at Celsius Cryotherapy.

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