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Cryotherapy Chamber Melbourne for Mental and Physical Health

That is why we offer treatments for everyone, not just professional athletes. Because a healthy lifestyle is for everybody.

Cryotherapy is a hugely beneficial scientific pain treatment that exposes your body to extremely low temperatures. Treatments safely encourage blood circulation, weight loss and relieve muscle and joint pain.

The sudden temperature change stimulates your natural fight or flight responses, causing an endorphins release. Localised freezing temperatures deadens irritated nerves to treat your injuries and pain and help you reach your target weight safely.

Treat your body and your mind with full-body rehabilitation in the Melbourne area.

We are a rehabilitation clinic. Our world-leading cryotherapy technology and specialised infrared treatment help you achieve your physical and mental goals. Whether for weight loss or to relieve injury pain, we offer total body renewal.



Pain relief and anti-inflammatory

Better sleep

Helps with relieving anxiety and depression

Improved blood circulation

Relieve migrane symptoms