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18.11.2021   //   All News & Media

Discover: Whether cryotherapy is better before a workout or after

Whole-body cryotherapy in Melbourne

In the world of whole-body cryotherapy, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether cryotherapy is better before a workout or after. Surprisingly, it is your personal preference. However, we will try to break down a few points to conclude this topic. Let’s begin!

The Science behind whole-body cryotherapy

Whether you are an athlete or a gym goer, cryotherapy is a great way to cool down your muscles before and after intense workouts. The best thing about it is that cryotherapy is quick and convenient. The entire treatment takes around 3 minutes, reaching 1-2 millimetres below your skin’s surface. This simply means that there is no downtime! On top of that, whole body cryotherapy is absolutely safe if you don’t have any pregnancy or allergies.

According to one study conducted by researchers in Switzerland and Belgium, it was found that intense workout puts serious strains on our musculoskeletal and metabolic system. With the help of cold therapy, you can reduce the inflammation reaction and decrease cell metabolism. This will quickly help your muscles recover from the intense physical strain.

Cryotherapy before a workout

Cryotherapy improves flexibility and the flow of blood and oxygen. This is a great boon when you have something heavy to work out. Thus, if you want to get the most benefit out of your increased aerobic and anaerobic processes, then prefer cryotherapy before working out.

Athletes who do Cryotherapy prior feel that they can run a bit quicker and lift more weight. They feel a sudden burst of energy after taking the cold treatment, which is because of the release of endorphins. Cryotherapy before a workout can be used to help you boost the flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body. This is a great thing if you want to get back to the gym at full capacity with minimum downtime and reduced soreness.

Cryotherapy after a workout

One of the biggest reasons why athletes prefer cryotherapy after a workout is because of its ability to speed up muscle recovery and tissue healing. The same study conducted in Switzerland and Belgium suggests that cooling is superior compared to passive recovery strategies, especially after muscle-damaging exercises. As cryotherapy accelerates the recovery process when you do it after a workout, it acts as a powerful tool when it comes to easing muscle tension and decreasing inflammation.

Also, many people experience high levels of lactic acid following a heavy workout. A build-up of lactic acid can cause muscle soreness. With whole-body cryotherapy, you can trigger your body to release excess lactic acid and boost your blood cells with anti-inflammatory proteins. These proteins will automatically counteract the effects of muscle soreness caused by a tough workout. Make sure you are sweat-free when you enter a cryotherapy chamber after a workout.

All said and done…

You can notice that it’s safe and effective whenever you choose to do whole-body cryotherapy. If you want to get the most out of your cryotherapy session, talk to an expert at Celsius Cryotherapy today. Schedule your cryotherapydip and start maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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