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18.11.2021   //   All News & Media

Discover: Whether cryotherapy is better before a workout or after

To get the best results out of your cryotherapy session, you should know whether it’s better before a workout or after. Read more in this post.


13.10.2021   //   All News & Media

How infrared saunas can help you relieve depression?

In this article, you are going to discover how infrared saunas can help you relieve depression and anxiety. Check it out!


17.09.2021   //   All News & Media

How does cryotherapy help recover sports injuries?

Cryotherapy is a proven technique to recover sports injuries and reduce muscle pain. Here’s how it helps athletes recover faster from injuries.


19.08.2021   //   All News & Media

Debunked: Is cryotherapy better than an ice bath?

Ice baths are effective, but cryotherapy is better. Do you want to know why? Read this article.


27.07.2021   //   All News & Media

Infrared sauna for weight loss: Does it really work?

Infrared saunas are a hot topic in the health and wellness industry, but are they effective? Let’s find out.


26.05.2021   //   All News & Media

7 Benefits Of Cryotherapy To Improve Your Health

Are you looking to lose weight? Need to improve your mental wellbeing? Cryotherapy is a scientific treatment designed to help you reach your mental and physical goals.